Year in review: 10 of our favourite expertIP tech blogs

Over the past month, we’ve gazed into the crystal ball to predict what the year ahead will bring. Now we’ll look at some of the biggest enterprise tech trends that shaped our world last year — and will continue to influence IT networking in 2020.

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As we ring in the new year — indeed, a new decade — it’s a time of reflection as much as a time of resolution. From SD-WAN to UCaaS and AI, it’s been a year of disruption for IT pros. Here are 10 of our favourite tech blogs on expertIP that are just as relevant as ever as we head into 2020.

Top 5 benefits of SD-WAN tech

It’s taken some time to catch on, but an increasing number of organizations are getting onboard with software-defined WANs. This is the year SD-WAN is expected to take off — and be a major driver for network modernization and multi-cloud deployments.

How MEF is driving global connectivity

This industry consortium — which includes the who’s who of data networking — is the driving force behind a framework for connectivity across carriers and geographies. Here’s why we need MEF, where we’re heading next and how membership gives you a seat at the table.

Best tech blogs of 2019 - 5G

How to get your boss on board with 5G

Like the temperatures outside, 5G is heating up — but higher-ups aren’t necessarily sold on the disruptive potential of this next-gen cellular network technology. Here’s a primer to help you state your case for 5G.

Clearing up cloud confusion: Misnomers and myths

From hybrid to edge, one Gartner analyst clarifies some common illusions about cloud that obscure what enterprises really know about it — and refutes one giant myth around security.

Where to book your next ‘geeky’ vacation

While there’s still time to plan a last-minute summer getaway, it’s also a good time to start preparing for your next vacation — after all, winter is coming. Here are five travel destinations to stimulate your brain or get your geek on.

Best Tech Blogs of 2019 - AI

How AI will drive innovation in the collaboration space

Artificial intelligence is making its way into the workplace — from the boardroom to the contact centre. Here’s how it could transform your organization.

Do you have to choose between SIP and UCaaS?

SIP and cloud don’t have to be an either/or proposition. Here’s why many organizations are choosing SIP trunking — even while adopting cloud-based collaboration solutions.

The Great Migration: Colocation, cloud and edge

Data centres aren’t just about racks anymore. Fuelled by technologies such as 5G, augmented reality and the Internet of Things, we’re seeing a move off-premise to enhanced colocation services, multi-cloud environments and edge data centres.

Best Tech Blogs of 2019 - Cybersecurity

3 cybersecurity trends that might surprise you

While it’s no surprise that malicious traffic has skyrocketed during the first nine months of this year, research from Cisco Umbrella — the cloud-based cybersecurity platform formerly known as OpenDNS — also revealed a few surprises about today’s threat landscape.

Allstream launches brand refresh and core values

In October, Allstream celebrated a brand refresh with mini-celebrations across North America — an opportunity to communicate its core brand values to customers, unify employees under those core values and tell the Allstream story, including a new unified product suite.

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