10 tech terms the Scrabble dictionary should have added

One of the world’s most popular games is expanding its vocabulary, but perhaps not quite enough

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Scrabble Dictionary technology

There is only one way I am ever going to beat my wife at Scrabble, and that’s to use my years of learning about enterprise technology against her.

Although the recent addition of some 5,000 new words to the official Scrabble dictionary offered me some ample ammunition against someone who, I will admit, is an extremely talented player, it’s still not enough. Eventually she will be as adept as I at deploying things like “te,” “da” and “po.” Even some of the technology-influenced terms that have been added, such as “selfie,” vlog” and “hashtag” are too common to be useful. What I really need are terms that are not necessarily known to everyday people but which are, in fact, used by thousands of IT professionals everywhere. Here are a few examples — in alphabetical order, of course:

Analytics: I did check each of these terms in the online Scrabble dictionary word search, and was surprised analytics doesn’t count. This deserves more analysis.

BYOD: Yes, technically an acronym, but what an amazing way to capitalize on your opponent’s use of the word “by” on the board and gaining additional points!

Brogrammer: If “bromance” is allowed, I don’t see why the concept shouldn’t be extended to those coders who display an over-abundance of testosterone. Come on, Scrabble. Man up.

DevOps: Only those creating mission-critical software would be likely to get this one, though most of them are probably too busy to play Scrabble.

Facepalm: Not necessarily an IT term, but tends to be the reaction to some of the more inane help-desk calls.

Innovation: Already an acceptable Scabble word, but CIOs care so much about it that it should probably be worth more points when they use it.

Livestream: This is the way we’re watching almost everything online today. Expect maybe Scrabble games. Whoops, wait!

Phablet: To be honest, I’m glad this one didn’t get in. Terrible term.

Virtualize: You’d never have enough letters to make it work, probably, but Scrabble, like managing a data centre (or IT in general), is all about doing more with less.

Zettabyte: Because there are never enough words that start with “Z.” And because a zettabyte is probably how much data storage it’s going to take to hold all the terms the Scrabble dictionary will eventually hold.

What have I left out? Share your ideas for great Scrabble tech terms in the comments below.


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