5 Disaster Recovery News Items That Will Help You Plan for the Unexpected

In light of Hurricane Sandy’s trip up the East Coast, this week’s IP news roundup focuses on disaster recovery. Here are some of the latest headlines:

  • Five things you must do after disaster strikes. According to an article on Entrepreneur.com, business continuity and data recovery plans are key to remaining operational. The article even links to a business continuity template that will help you determine how you will respond to a disaster. In addition to IT-related advice, the article also offers tips on dealing with your insurance company, communicating with your customers and seeking financial assistance.
  • Cloud helps companies avoid the worst of Sandy. The Twitterverse today is full of stories from companies that either avoided problems altogether or got up and running quickly after an outage thanks to their foresight in adopting cloud services. In this article, Wired.com discusses how BuzzFeed got its website back online after its data centre was flooded.
  • Smaller businesses must pay extra attention to their disaster recovery plans. An article on the StorageCraft blog stresses the importance of disaster recovery plans for small businesses. According to the article, “these solutions are just as important, if not more so, for an SMB as they are for larger companies, as these businesses often have only a single storage spot for data, as opposed to multiple offices and data centers that may be able to pick up the slack should a disaster occur.” The article suggests taking precautions such as using off-site storage backups, consolidating your data protection efforts, and paying attention to advances in cloud and disaster recovery technology.
  • Prepare for future disasters by choosing a proven cloud provider. An article on The VAR Guy blog stresses the importance of using cloud services, instead of tape backup, to replicate your data, infrastructure and systems, as this will allow you to get up and running quickly after a disaster. When it comes to finding a reliable cloud provider, the article suggests looking for a provider who has “happy customers and case studies to demonstrate successful work. Nothing speaks to the capabilities of a cloud provider like real-world examples and prior experience. Read through their current and former customer stories, find one of a similar size with comparable data needs and one with a similar issue to one you may face, and read up on how the provider helped them back up and recover their data in a disaster. If you’re not wowed, pass.”
  • And finally … if you are an MSP or reseller, offering cloud-based disaster recovery can increase your monthly recurring revenue (MRR). According to MSPmentor, cloud-based disaster recovery is an ideal service for increased MRR, because it is low on hardware, high on services and in demand. The article also offers a number of tips on how to select a vendor that will help you maximize your revenue potential.

What is your take on today’s news? Feel free to share your opinions below.

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