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62% of Businesses Believe Big Data Can Give Them an Advantage

Today’s IP news roundup highlights some of the latest headlines in big data, network security and more:

  • PwC’s latest Digital IQ Survey revealed that 62% of global IT and business leaders believe big data can give them a competitive advantage. However, according to, 58% of the 1,108 respondents also believe that moving from data to insight is a major challenge. According to, the biggest big data barriers include talent gaps and systems that are insufficient to rapidly process information. For more highlights from the Digital IQ Survey and information on the barriers to big data insight, see the article.    
  • CIO and CMO partnerships are crucial to getting the most from big data. reported that about half of all IT professionals and marketers believe that “functional silos block aggregation of data from across the organization, making it difficult to truly achieve customer centricity.” The article recommended that CIOs and CMOs work together to build road maps that will help them tackle big data challenges and improve the customer experience. For more tips on how CIOs and CMOs can work together, see the article.    
  • Banks must meet higher security standards. According to an article on American Banker, the Internet Engineering Task Force and the National Institute of Standards and Technology are issuing new standards that require banks to better secure SSH keys. The article states that a cybercriminal who accesses just one SSH key can “hack into one company computer and from there gain access to all other machines on that network.” The article also states, “Banks have thousands, and in some cases millions, of SSH keys floating around their organizations vulnerable to theft and compromise. This is turning up in IT security and Sarbanes-Oxley audits. Bank regulators in the U.S., Singapore and India have begun focusing on this issue and ordering banks to fix it.” For more information on these new bank security standards, see the American Banker article.   
  • When it comes to business continuity, many organizations plan for natural disasters but fail to consider cyber threats. However, threats such as DDOS attacks and malicious codes can harm an organization’s continuity. An article on Before It’s News states, “Dealing with complex cyber attacks requires a holistic approach and a significant wider recovery plan than when dealing with ‘standard’ IT security threats.” The article recommends that businesses address the three main stages of cyber attacks – prevention, inquiry and recovery. For more information on cyber threats and business continuity, see the Before It’s News article.  
  • And finally … the Center for Energy-Efficient Telecommunications (CEET) revealed that data centres are not the biggest energy drains in the cloud ecosystem. In fact, the equipment that connects us wirelessly to the cloud uses the most energy. According to the CEET’s Power of Wireless Cloud report, wireless access network technologies will account for 90% of total wireless cloud energy consumption by 2015, while data centres will account for only 9%. For more information, see highlights from the Power of Wireless Cloud report on

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