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68% of Companies Invest in Custom Mobile Apps

Here’s the latest news from the IP universe:

  • A study by AppCentral reveals that companies are investing in custom mobile apps. In fact, 68% of the survey’s respondents said that they have made custom mobile apps available to their employees. The Custom Mobile App Usage in the Workplace survey also revealed that 19% of companies have their own in-house app stores, compared with 10% of companies in April of this year. Click here to download the complete Custom Mobile App Usage in the Workplace survey.
  • InformationWeek released its InformationWeek 500, which recognizes the most innovative users of business technology. The annual list honours companies that have used technology to “make considerable improvements in how their companies operate”. Awardees for 2012 include Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Deere and Zynga. For a complete list of awardees, please visit
  • The UK sees dramatic increase in cloud adoption. The Cloud Industry Forum’s (CIF) Cloud Adoption and Trends for 2013 white paper reveals that the UK has seen a 27% increase in first-time cloud users over the last 18 months. The CIF also predicts that by the end of 2013, 75% of UK businesses will use at least one cloud service. According to the white paper, “There is not a vertical, sector or organisational size that has not engaged in the Cloud Services opportunity, neither is there an application area that is exempt from the deployment and delivery models related to Cloud. In short, Cloud adoption in the UK is strong and growing against a backdrop of end user satisfaction with the flexibility and economics of Cloud Services.”
  • The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) is going to publish over 20 new research reports. An article on the CSO Salted Hash – IT Security News blog reveals that the CSA is preparing to release over 20 new cloud security and guidance reports at its November conference. Titles of these reports include “Mobile Security Guidance” and “Big Data Security”. For more information, visit the Salted Hash blog.
  • Do you need to overhaul your virtual and cloud workload management system? put together a slide presentation that gives you 10 clues that it’s time to update your IT systems and management processes. These signs include a lack of control over your environment and the inability to support cloud. See the article for eight more signs that you may need to overhaul your virtual and cloud workload management system.
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