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Almost 90% of Businesses Are Proactive About Network Security [Study]

Today’s IP news roundup highlights some of the latest headlines in network security, disaster recovery and more:

  • The latest AT&T Business Continuity Study revealed that almost 90% of businesses are proactively addressing their network security and business continuity. Many of these businesses are adding new technologies – such as cloud services and mobile applications – to their business continuity and disaster recovery plans. According to the study:  
    • 76% of businesses either use the cloud or plan to start using it this year. Meanwhile, 66% are currently using or considering using the cloud as part of their business continuity strategy.
    • 84% of executives are concerned about how mobile networks and devices impact their security.
    • 64% of respondents include their wireless network capabilities as part of their business continuity plan.

For more information, see the AT&T Business Continuity Study press release.

  • A new Damballa report revealed that the number of malware samples that use peer-to-peer (P-to-P) communications has increased fivefold during the past year. According to Stephen Newman, vice president of products at Damballa, “The use of P-to-P in advanced malware threats has been around for quite some time, but we’ve never really seen it take the hold that we’ve started to see now.” Cybercriminals are turning to decentralized P-to-P communications to better cover their tracks and make it harder for authorities to shut down their control servers. Damballa’s report stated that the most prevalent P-to-P malware threats are ZeroAccess, Zeus v3 and TDL4/TDSS. For more information, see PCWorld.  
  • Experts say that the cloud will assist rather than complicate disaster recovery. Panelists at the Jacksonville Business Journal’s Disaster Preparedness & Recovery breakfast addressed how the cloud will shape disaster recovery. According to Jonathan Tucker, regional enterprise sales manager for Comcast Business, “84% of businesses that have a significant data loss of 60% or greater go out of business within five years.”  However, “If you have these things set up ahead of time, your recovery is as simple as doing what you set up.” For more information on how businesses can use the cloud for disaster recovery, see the Jacksonville Business Journal’s article and video.  
  • And finally … CIOL ran an article on how to ensure that your branch offices remain secure. The article compares the security needs of new branches to those of small businesses. It suggests that enterprises choose simple IT solutions that are easy to manage, as “Employees at branch offices are often not tech-savvy, and branch offices usually lack on-site IT.” Thus, the security solution should “require minimum or no IT expertise at the branch site.” For more tips on managing security at branch offices, see the CIOL article.  

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