Android May Soon Surpass Apple in the Enterprise


Today’s IP news roundup highlights some of the latest headlines in omnichannel technology, network security and more:

  • Android is taking over the enterprise. According to an article on, Android is starting to overtake Apple in the enterprise. The article states, “The idea that Android could get on par and perhaps even overtake Apple in the enterprise security space would have been outrageous only a year ago. In the fast-moving world of mobility, though, anything can happen.” Android’s latest security features – particularly Samsung Knox – have made Android more viable from an enterprise security perspective. For more information on Android in the enterprise, see
  • In a new report, the UK’s Land Securities Group stated that it is starting to see a divide between retailers that are strong and have invested in omnichannel technology and retailers that have not. This underscores the importance of adopting omnichannel so customers and employees can seamlessly connect across a variety of channels. An Internet Retailing article also cites the example of Blockbuster, which failed because it was “left behind by the fast-changing way that we now shop.” For more information on why retailers must invest in omnichannel technology, see Internet Retailing.
  • An SC Magazine blog post offers advice on how to protect data when users forget their passwords. According to the post, multifactor authentication can help protect passwords, but it also adds something else that the user must remember. Meanwhile, knowledge-based authentication (questions and answers) must be easy enough for a user to remember without being so easy a hacker can figure them out. The post suggests using the “shared history between the user and the site, and ask(ing) the user about previous interactions. Ideally the result is something the user easily remembers, but is not readily available to an attacker because it represents some action that isn’t widely reported or publicly known.” For more advice on protecting your organization’s passwords while making it easy for users to log in, see SC Magazine.
  • Banking malware hits new high. TrendMicro reported that malware designed to steal online banking credentials has risen to a level not seen since 2002. It found 200,000 new infections from July through September of this year. The malware targeted banking institutions around the globe, and ZeuS was the most common form of malware used during these attacks. For more information on banking malware, see Computerworld.
  • And finally … robots of the future may be powered by urine. Researchers in the UK have found a way to power robots using urine, rotten produce, sludge and dead flies. According to Computerworld, the system is based on the human heart and “is designed to pump urine into the robot’s ‘engine room,’ converting the waste into electricity and enabling the robot to function completely on its own.” For more information on the next generation of EcoBots, see Computerworld.

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