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Are You Ready for the World IPv6 Launch?

Major Internet service providers, websites and home networking equipment manufacturers will permanently enable IPv6 for their products and services during the World IPv6 Launch on June 6.

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With the global depletion of IPv4 addresses, businesses have spent a number of years planning the migration of their Internet traffic to support IPv6. A European study shows that the percentage of networks that have announced an IPv6 prefix has increased from 2.34% in 2004 to 13.29% in 2012.Canada has seen a greater increase in IPv6 adoption rates, as the amount of Canadian networks with an IPv6 prefix has risen from 1.83% in 2004 to 16.65% in 2012. These percentages are updated monthly, which means you can look at them after the World IPv6 Launch to see how the event has impacted global IPv6 adoption rates.

The Internet Society championed IPv6 last June, by rallying over 1,000 websites to participate in World IPv6 Day. The event served as a global-scale trial of IPv6. This year, the Internet Society is encouraging businesses to permanently enable IPv6 by June 6, as this will ensure that the Internet has room to grow and support the many ways that businesses and consumers prefer to share information.

Here are some resources that will help ease your transition to IPv6:

Show Your Support for IPv6  

Visit the World IPv6 Launch website and grab your IPv6 logos, banners and badges. If you plan to permanently enable IPv6 by June 6, you can also register on the World IPv6 Launch list of participants.

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