Avaya’s network journey, 10 M&As later

News from around the network: The UC vendor offers 5 steps for simplicity and transformation. Plus, when cyber-attacks hit banks and the dangers of unlicensed software

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How Avaya survived 10 acquisitions and got to one network

Mergers and acquisitions grew by 47 per cent in 2013, and by even more in 2014. With any new acquisition, reducing complexity and getting to one company from IT perspective is a crucial job for the network manager. With more than a dozen acquisitions in recent years, Avaya has been there and done that. Keith Clemente has five steps to get to service simplicity and transformation based on his own experience with the vendor.

Cyberattacks on banks are all about the money

While cyberattacks and directed denial of service (DDoS) threats can be launched for a variety of reasons, when it comes to banks, it’s usually about the money. James Opiyo of Level 3 writes that the stakes of these threats are much higher for financial institutions and he has eight pieces of advice for banks to help mitigate the risk of a DDoS attack. Social engineering is one popular point of entry to be on guard for.

How to do outsourcing the wrong way

We’re not sure why you’d want to royally screw up your IT outsourcing, but Christian Burns McBeth has four ways you can do just that. More likely, this is advice in the “what not to do” category from the Sungard Availability Services blogger. What shouldn’t you be doing? Not ignoring the risks instead if mitigating them would be a good start. Seeing beyond the numbers to the strategic plan would probably help too.

Telecom network vendors were at Mobile World Congress too

Sure, smartphone vendors like Samsung, BlackBerry and even Microsoft got most of the attention at Mobile World Congress in Spain this week. While networking equipment isn’t as sexy as smartphones, without it those pretty phones would be overpriced bricks. Telecom Lead has a run-down on what the equipment vendors were up to in Barcelona – for a network admin, some of it was just as sexy as a 5” Android superphone.

The dangers of unlicensed software

The Business Software Alliance has found another reason for you to ditch any licensed software running on your network: it could leave you more vulnerable to malware. IT World Canada examines an IDC report commissioned by the BSA, founded and funded by the world’s major software companies, that seeks to prove a causal link between unlicensed software and malware risk. So check those licenses; the risk of non-compliance may be greater than you thought.

Best of expertIP

The Mobile World Congress story most people will miss

Did you notice what’s missing from Ericsson’s recent figures on global network traffic? Christine Wong did: the mobile enterprise app. According to the data, which was released to coincide with Mobile Word Congress, two-thirds of all app data comes from the top five apps. And you can guess who they are – consumer apps like Facebook, YouTube and Netflix – and not an enterprise app among them. What’s a network manager to do? Wong has a look at your options.

The Spiceworks Review: How to survive IT ‘growing pains’

IT growing pains were one of the popular topics last month on Spiceworks, reports Vawn Himmelsbach in her regular feature on the hop topics in the popular network admin online community. No, the discussion wasn’t about an IT-themed spinoff of the 1980s sitcom (although that would be great). Rather, it was about how a small IT department can keep up with a company experiencing explosive growth. To outsource, or not to outsource? That is the question.

Risk vs. trust: Allstream’s Mike Strople addresses the cyber-security challenge

Allstream president Mike Strople spoke to a sold-out Toronto Board of Trade luncheon on Tuesday, and Shane Schick was there. Strople discussed the threat landscape that Allstream customers and all businesses are facing and how, when it comes to protecting your business and your data in an ever more complicated and dangerous threat landscape, you need to launch a “defense-in-depth” strategy.

The ‘overhead work’ that’s keeping employees from doing their jobs

Don’t let the cloud rain on your employees’ parade. Patricia MacInnis took part in a recent Gigaom Research-sponsored webinar that looked at the connections between worker productivity and technology, and recent research that, if not implemented properly, the latter can hurt the former. Take your smartphone – the always-on culture in drives can also lead to disengagement. So maybe put it on silent tonight.

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