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Cyber security concept with lock

Simple hacks save IT security dollars: Zayo

IT security can feel like a never-ending battle — and enterprises are responding by throwing money at the problem. But Jamie Hari, Zayo’s director of cloud and security, challenges that notion at SecTOR with tips to move your security maturity forward at little cost.
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3d network with lock and folders

Rethinking risk management in a digital world

Conventional methods of protecting information resources aren’t going to cut it in a world of IoT and AI. A Gartner expert explains why we need to rethink our approach to security and risk management, and how to create a more resilient digital business infrastructure.
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Businesswoman with big data virtual interface

AI takes big data to the next level

Industry gurus shared their thoughts on artificial intelligence, deep learning and machine learning at Big Data Toronto — and how they will allow you to use big data in ways that either weren’t previously possible or never occurred to you before.
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robot army

A robot uprising could be good for your career

While some jobs will be replaced by artificial intelligence and automation, robots aren’t going to take over the world (I think). For IT pros, technological advances are opening the door to brand-new career options that embrace innovation and creativity.
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