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Atlantic Canada May Get Economic Boost from Big Data

Welcome to the Wednesday edition of the IP news roundup. Here are the latest headlines in big data, cloud and more:

  • With the Big Data Congress taking place in Saint John this week, the Chronicle Herald ran an article on how the growing big data industry will impact Atlantic Canada.According to the article, Atlantic Canada is well-positioned to take advantage of big data’s benefits. “You don’t need to be near a university supercomputer centre anymore,” said Andrew McAfee, keynote speaker, about how computerization affects business, society, the economy and the workforce. “We now have the ability and tools to let excellence manifest itself, even if excellence is not in Manhattan or Silicon Valley or Cambridge, Massachusetts.” For more information on the Big Data Congress, visit 
  • Forward-thinking CIOs are driving company revenue. Computerworld ran an article on how the role of the CIO is changing – from providing internal services to interacting directly with customers. The article features stories about CIOs who have successfully provided customer-facing services that increased company revenue. The article also includes tips on how to encourage revenue-generating IT teams.  
  • ThomasNet ran an article on how manufacturers can use big data to make decisions and deliver better customer service. However, the article warns manufacturers to be cautious about adopting the new technology, as they don’t want to repeat the same mistakes that have caused other trending technologies to fall flat. The article recommends developing the right use cases for big data and understanding how you can use your data to make complex decisions. For more information on how manufacturers can use big data, see the ThomasNet article.
  • Optimize cloud for your enterprise. Network World interviewed attendees at AWS re:Invent on their biggest cloud concerns and how they optimized their cloud environments. One factor that respondents are dealing with is balancing operational best practices with specific business needs. “Applying best methodologies into your cloud infrastructure is a great first step, but not enough to scale in the long term,” the article states. “CIOs are demanding more visibility and knowledge of existing issues and threats, such as security vulnerabilities, cost spiral and over-utilized instances, so they can respond to them with minimal disruption to business continuity or custom expectations.”
  • And finally … ITworld published a list of Apple’s boldest designs from 1976 to 2012. It spans everything from the Apple I to the iPad. How many of these products have you owned?

What is your take on today’s news? Feel free to share your opinions below.

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