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Mobile and Social Attacks Are the Biggest Network Security Threats of 2013

Welcome to the Wednesday edition of the IP news roundup. Today’s headlines focus on network security and data protection:

  • The IDG News Service reported that the biggest threats for 2013 are advanced malware attacks, particularly on mobile devices and social networks. According to Chris Wood, Sourcefire A/NZ regional director, “Given the lack of even basic visibility as to what is running on your mobile platform, most IT security teams certainly do not have the capability to identify potential threats from these devices … This spread is no doubt helped by the increased use of employee-owned mobile devices in accessing company systems, which in turn increases the threat to the company’s network.” For more information on how hackers are using social media and mobile devices to spread malware, along with ways to protect your company’s assets, see the feature on the CSO Data Protection blog.
  • Computerworld ran an article on the importance of including mobile in your disaster recovery plan. According to the article, CIOs “must consider what data — if any — is stored on the devices, how workers access corporate systems on a regular basis as well as during a crisis, and what barriers they would encounter during any sort of incident.” For advice on how to build mobile into your disaster recovery plan, see the Computerworld article.
  • As more enterprises adopt BYOD and virtualization, a growing number of IT managers are concerned about data loss. An Integration Developer News article stated that these trends have led to a greater demand for data discovery services. Research from Kroll Ontrack, a provider of data recovery and e-discovery solutions, revealed that in 2012, “the ratio of requests for data recovery services were four times higher for laptops and mobile devices than for desktops”, and virtualization has caused companies to report “an increase in data loss, including a 10% jump in users errors, such as accidental deletion of virtual drives.” These trends are expected to continue throughout 2013.
  • It’s time to make your 2013 network security shopping list. According to an article on the SearchNetworking blog, enterprises will increase their spending on next-generation firewalls and advanced threat protection in 2013. According to the article, “Rather than using signature-based detection like IPSes, next-generation firewalls and antivirus software, advanced threat protection uses a variety of other techniques, including behavioral analysis, to detect attacks.” For more 2013 network security trends, see the SearchNetworking article.
  • And finally … one in five employees does not have passwords on all of his or her work devices. Research from QA has revealed that organizations may not be as secure as they think. One-quarter of respondents reported taking company data with them when leaving an organization to work elsewhere. Meanwhile, 23% have shared their passwords with colleagues, managers or friends. For more statistics from this UK-based survey, see the Enterprise AppsTech article.

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