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Christine Wong is a journalist based in Toronto who has covered a wide range of startups and technology issues. A former staff writer with, she has also worked as a reporter for the Canadian Economic Press and in broadcast roles at SliceTV and the CBC.

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Using analytics to prevent another credit crisis

IFRS 9 may sound like a sci-fi movie sequel, but it’s a new international financial reporting standard that will require banks to provide more timely recognition of expected credit losses based on future expectations. That’s where predictive analytics will come into play.
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A new approach to cybersecurity

Building an IT-based border to keep the bad stuff out just isn’t possible anymore, according to panelists at the Canadian Telecom Summit held in Toronto earlier this month. Here’s why attitudes — and approaches — toward security need to change.
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Bringing public services into the digital age

Governments may take a different route than the private sector on the road to digital transformation. But they need to embrace tools like mobile, cloud, collaboration, analytics and automation to create the kind of public services that Canadians demand these days.
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