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Danny Bradbury has been a technology journalist since 1989. He has written for clients including the Guardian, the Financial Times, the National Post, the Economist Intelligence Unit and the Independent. He writes regularly on technology issues ranging from cyber-security to enterprise IT, and is also a documentary film maker.

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Hooded hacker. Cyber attack concept.

How DDoS is becoming more devious

Web application attacks are becoming more popular — and they can be significantly more difficult to detect. Along with volumetric attacks, they are contributing to a relatively new class of attack, known as ‘dark’ or ‘smokescreen’ DDoS. Here’s what to do about it.
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Ready for a game of IoT whack-a-mole?

Consumer Internet-connected products will find their way into the workplace, creating shadow networks — and admin headaches. So, even if you’ve been resisting IPv6 with your authorized devices, you’re probably going to be forced down that road by the uninvited guests vying for a slot on your...
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