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Businessman touching lamp idea

Trump woos tech leaders

President-elect delivers a friendly message to America’s tech leaders, California delivers an unfriendly one to Uber, Amazon delivers popcorn by drone, and Popcorn Time delivers treachery via the Internet. This week’s tech roundup delivers the goods.
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People walking in a city square composited with a grid of glowing, electronic numbers.

Canadians could try harder on digital privacy

Canadians aren’t that privacy-savvy, but they are happy with their digital services. Headphones are learning to spy on you, computers are learning to lip read and Facebook is learning that censorship might just pay. It’s all in this week’s tech roundup.
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A padlock icon on a circuit board background. Online security concept

Alleged DDoS-for-hire masterminds busted

HP exits one business, losing billions, and enters another, spending billions. Samsung’s phones continue exploding. Facebook finds the courage to apologize for bizarre censorship, and Apple finds the courage to annoy thousands of users. It’s just another week in IT.
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ID-100308203 copy

Airline in hot seat after IT systems grounded

Delta’s IT makes a crash landing, phones and cars are all apparently broken and journalists are misusing hookup apps. But it’s all going to be OK, because Obama now has a Facebook chatbot. Read all about it in this week’s tech roundup.
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