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Jason W. Eckert is a geek, technical trainer, consultant, Web/application/game developer, and best-selling author in the Information Technology (IT) industry.  With over 20 IT certifications, 22 years of IT experience, 3 published mobile applications, 2 published mobile games, and 19 published academic textbooks covering topics such as UNIX, Linux, BlackBerry, Windows Server, Microsoft Exchange Server, Cryptography, PowerShell, and LAMP, Jason has brought a wealth of expertise to the classes he has taught at triOS College for the past 13 years.  Jason has now assumed the role of Dean of Technology where he continues to promote, refine and improve the college technology programs (Information Technology Professional, Enterprise Web & Mobile Developer , Video Game Design & Development and Video Game Design Technologies). You can find more information about Jason @ http://jasoneckert.net/about_me.html

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