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Vawn Himmelsbach is the editor of expertIP. She has reported on technology, business and travel for two decades, for media outlets such as the CBC, Toronto Star, Metro News, The Globe & Mail, ITBusiness, PCworld Canada, Computerworld Canada, Technology in Government and Computer Dealer News. She also spent three years covering tech as an Asian correspondent.

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Building a business case for blockchain

There’s a lot of hype around blockchain technology, which has been touted as a panacea for trusted transactions. But is it the right fit for your organization, or are you better off — at least in the short term — with a traditional database?
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New cyber threats that should be on your radar

Cisco’s latest cybersecurity report is hot off the presses, packed with details on how malware is becoming more sophisticated and attackers more evasive. Here’s a wrap-up of the report’s findings on new (and old) cyber threats, and how to prepare for what’s ahead.
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Be a disruptor — not one of the disrupted

There’s a lot of talk about digital transformation, but turning that talk into action is one of the greatest challenges that businesses face today. And it requires a fundamental shift in how we run our businesses, according to Forrester Research. Here’s how to turn talk into action.
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Spiceworks Review: IT brings its A game

Our monthly roundup of the best discussions on the online community, from defining the value of IT to the rise of shadow IT — and why communication is the ultimate solution.
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