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Big Data Adoption Rates to Double within the Next Year

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A new report released by AIIM, the global community of information professionals, revealed that big data is poised for massive growth. Big Data: extracting value from your digital landfill predicts that big data’s user base will double to 17% within the next 12 months, while another 48% of respondents are looking to invest in the technology within a 2-3 year timeframe.

A key driver for the rapid increase in big data adoption is the need to analyze data to make better business decisions. According to the survey, “Many organizations have plenty of data – even if it is not always the right kind of data – but they struggle to put it to any constructive use, either because they don’t have any analysis tools, or the tools they have aren’t sufficiently capable or accessible.” Another driver is that “organizations are struggling to link together the datasets they do have, or are unable to make any connection to their unstructured data sources.”

The survey of 403 members of the AIIM community also revealed that:  

  • Organizations would like to track and analyze a variety of content. About 68% of respondents are currently analyzing or would like to analyze their comment fields for suggestions or feedback. Another 68% of respondents are either currently analyzing or would like to analyze their help desk logs and CRM reports.  
  • Lack of in-house expertise tops organizations’ lists of concerns about big data/big content analytics tools. While 37% of respondents are worried that they don’t have enough in-house expertise, another 37% feel that these tools are too expensive and 34% are concerned about how to connect across all of their data sets.   
  • Most respondents (51%) would create a “big data” dataset for analysis on premise. About 28% would use a corporate/private cloud in-house, while 10% would use an outsourced corporate/private cloud.

For more information, click here to download the complete survey.

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