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Big Data May Lead to Almost 2 Million New IT Jobs

Today’s IP news roundup highlights some of the latest headlines about IT job trends, big data, cloud and more:

  • According to CNNMoney, US companies will need 1.9 million new techies by 2015. The demand is driven by big data, as “data analytics [is] now one of the fastest growing fields in IT.” The most in-demand skills include Hadoop plus Java, big data, NoSQL and MapReduce. For more information on big data jobs, see CNNMoney.   
  • In related news, Computerworld has published a list of the top IT jobs of 2013. According to Computerworld, the highest-paid IT jobs include network architect and information systems security director. Meanwhile, help desk personnel and instructors/trainers have the lowest projected wages. For more information on 2013 IT job trends, see the Computerworld article.  
  • With more employees relying on personal cloud services to do their jobs, IT must support bring your own cloud. According to a Computerworld article, IT has typically forbidden the use of personal cloud services for work or provided in-house cloud document storage. However, “personal cloud services are difficult to control, and users are adept at going around IT if the productivity tools in their personal cloud can do the job easier, faster and better.” The article recommends that IT develop a strategy that supports on-premises, off-premises and cloud document storage. For information on how to support bring your own cloud while keeping your data secure, see the Computerworld article.  
  • SIP trunking does more than simply provide cost savings. An article on the Telecom Reseller blog highlighted some of the often overlooked benefits of SIP trunking. According to the article, SIP trunking goes beyond cost savings to provide benefits such as enhanced business continuity and the ability for call centres to take more calls. For more SIP trunking benefits, see the Telecom Reseller article.  
  • And finally, 45% of mobile phone owners use mobile messaging for business. The 2013 Mobile Messaging Trends study by Infinite Convergence Solutions revealed that 61% of respondents who use mobile messaging for business rank messages from their employers as the most valuable information they receive. However, mobile phone owners are concerned about delivery assurance and security, as 70% of respondents “do not text with their company, clients or colleagues because of lack of a paper trail to guarantee delivery and receipt,” while 40% are “hesitant to text for business purposes because of worries about message security.” For more information, see the 2013 Mobile Messaging Trends study press release.

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