Build out your network with a ‘lit’ building

Every network is made up of building blocks, but most businesses have gaps where those building blocks are weak or even missing. These gaps are even more apparent when you’re dealing with a remote or hybrid workforce. But filling in the gaps—and supporting your business-critical tools—is easy with an intelligent platform to build on.

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SD-WAN and the future of work

Maybe your network performance is holding you back, or you need more line of sight into your IT applications. Maybe your real-time communication and collaboration tools aren’t exactly working in ‘real’ time, or you’re having trouble connecting over the web or within different business locations. 

Every network is made up of building blocks, but most businesses have gaps where those building blocks are weak or even missing. These gaps are even more apparent when you’re dealing with a remote or hybrid workforce, where connectivity, security and quality of service can affect employees’ ability to do their job. 

But filling in the gaps—and supporting all of your business-critical tools—is easy if you have an intelligent platform to build on, whether in a traditional office, at a remote location or across a hybrid model. 

Private fiber access, for example, provides dedicated network connectivity that creates a foundation for these building blocks. If you’re tired of sharing bandwidth with the ‘data hogs’ that come with shared broadband or fiber services, you can eliminate that problem with a dedicated connection that is yours—and yours alone. 

With consistently high uptime on an expansive, path-diverse fiber network, you can protect your business against disruption while keeping your people connected. And with lit buildings you have a foundation for a purpose-built network that can deliver a full suite of business communications, from connectivity to collaboration to voice. 

This allows you to add building blocks to your network whenever you’re ready, from SIP voice communications to hybrid networking, advanced security and cloud communications. It doesn’t matter where you’re at in your digital transformation journey—lit buildings with dedicated fiber means you have a foundation to add building blocks as your move further along with digital transformation. 

First, consider which building blocks in your network are weak or missing: 

  • Do you have a secure, reliable network that helps you prioritize and manage traffic and applications? 
  • Do you have connectivity solutions that help you work anytime, anywhere—even through disruption? 
  • Do you have security options that keep you safe online and in the office? 
  • Do you have collaboration tools that keep your team connected anywhere, anytime? 
  • Do you have high-quality voice connections with optional encryption and built-in failover for business continuity? 

There are several benefits to having a fiber-lit building, allowing you to take a building-block approach to digital transformation. Not only can you add SIP voice communications, for example, but you can also add features like direct routing for Microsoft Teams (a solution offered by Allstream) so your video meetings run smoothly without delays and glitches. 

From there, you can add on building blocks to support hybrid networking, from faster Internet access and managed Wi-Fi to SD-WAN, managed networking services, managed firewall, cloud communications and unified communications. 

Look for features like flexible data prioritization so you can make full use of the bandwidth you’re already paying for, as well as messaging and collaboration tools that keep your people connected wherever they are. Through better network control, you can also bring all of your applications and services under one umbrella and prioritize business-critical services with options that put you in control of your network. 

By taking a building-block approach, you can mix-and-match the options that are best for your business, so you don’t end up committing to (or paying for) services you don’t need. And a scalable solution means you don’t end up paying for bandwidth you don’t use —with room to grow if and when you need it. 

A technology partner that provides cross-border, dedicated, secure network services can help you shore up your foundation and grow your business. Allstream’s Intelligent Platform, for example, provides private, secure, end-to-end connectivity between all business locations, segregating your traffic from other services and customers. 

And with dedicated fiber, you have easy access to Allstream’s Intelligent Platform, so you can get set up with SD-WAN, SIP Trunking or IT CloudView—and it’s faster, cheaper and easier. Find out more about Allstream solutions and how to get a lit building. 

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