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Businesses Are Leaning (Slightly) Towards Private Clouds

Welcome to the Wednesday edition of the IP news roundup. Here’s what’s happening in the world of cloud computing, VoIP and virtualization:

  • A Red Hat survey revealed that 51% of organizations plan to use on-premise/private clouds. Another 44% of respondents plan to use a hybrid of public and private clouds, while only 4% will exclusively use public clouds. These findings came from a survey of 400 attendees at the recent VMworld conference in San Francisco. For more information about this survey, see “Insight Into Cloud and Virtualization: Red Hat Survey Results from VMworld.”
  • Your internal cloud may not be as secure as you think. An article on the CSO Security and Risk website warns that organizations that have built private clouds to avoid moving their data to a public cloud still face a number of security challenges. “It still takes just one bad apple to spoil the barrel—a single department, user or application that is not behaving as it should,” the article says. The author advises, “An organization that is risk-averse enough to avoid the public cloud should be building a secure cloud—possibly the company should be building its dream cloud, which contains all the security controls that it thinks are missing from a public environment.” The article also explores four more cloud security issues that can put your organization at risk.
  • VoIP helps businesses cut costs and improve communications. Over the past few years, VoIP services have lowered in cost and improved in quality, which makes VoIP a viable option for businesses that are looking to get the most value from their telecommunications. An article on explored some of the business benefits of VoIP, including reduced calling costs and the ability to use services such as video chat and conference calls. Be sure to see the article for more ways you can get the most out of VoIP for your business.
  • The benefits of virtualization go well beyond reduced hardware costs. Dice recently interviewed attendees at VMworld 2012 about the unexpected benefits they have achieved after deploying a virtualized environment. These benefits range from ease of management to faster network speeds, more uptime and the ability to dramatically reduce their number of servers. Check out the video to learn about more virtualization benefits.
  • Wireless prices expected to rise. The Globe and Mail reported that Canadian wireless prices are expected to rise in 2014, as more people use smartphones with data plans. The article referenced a study by Convergence Consulting Group, which said, “Some 55 per cent of Canadian wireless subscribers are expected to use smartphones by the end of 2012, roughly double the number from two years ago. That upward swing will continue next year, with 65 per cent of mobile users using the trendy devices by the close of 2013.” This will mark the first increase in Canadian wireless prices since 2008.

What’s your take on today’s news? Feel free to share your opinions below.

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