Businesses See Big Benefits from Cloud Computing and Virtualization

A recent BriefingsDirect roundtable explored the benefits that two organizations have achieved from virtualization and cloud computing. During the roundtable, David Giambruno, Senior Vice President and CIO of Revlon, and Heinz Roggenkemper, Executive Vice President of Development at SAP Labs, revealed how these technologies have impacted their organizations.

Some of the benefits that they have achieved include:

  • Greater agility. SAP revealed that cloud and virtualization have allowed the organization to quickly take advantage of new computing infrastructure and better respond to market drivers.  
  • The ability to deliver applications faster. Revlon said that cloud has led to a 70% reduction in the amount of time that it takes to deliver applications.   
  • Increased capacity to deliver projects. Revlon recognizes that IT is a service that is meant to deliver business results. With cloud, the organization’s IT department has increased its ability to say “yes” to more projects and get them done better, faster and cheaper.

For more insights from the BriefingsDirect roundtable, click here to listen to the complete podcast.

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