BYOx Tops List of 10 Biggest Mobility Trends

Welcome to the Wednesday edition of the IP news roundup. Here are the latest headlines in mobility, business continuity, unified communications and more:

  • The InformationWeek Global CIO blog has released a list of the 10 biggest mobility trends. The article referenced a presentation by Yankee Group analyst Chris Walsh, who said that only about 30% of employees will use tablets, as many of them “still prefer laptops or desktops, even smartphones over tablets, for a range of business tasks, like learning about or purchasing business apps, making payments and doing social messaging. The tablet comes out as third or even fourth place preferred device for a lot of these tasks.” Walsh’s presentation also revealed that 50% of companies will use the cloud for mobile app development and 80% of companies will adopt BYOx (the “x” being anything from mobile devices to apps to data). For the rest of the top 10 mobility trends, see the InformationWeek article.
  • Prepare for changes in IT asset management. IT asset management used to involve managing only company-owned assets. However, it now should also include mobile asset management (MAM) to protect any employee-owned mobile device that is used to access company data. According to the Baseline blog, “MAM must be in step with IT security in defining this new mobile security model. It must take into consideration: controls across iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows 8 devices; and strategies for securing devices and squashing threats.” For more MAM considerations, see the Baseline article.
  • Learn the ABC’s of business continuity and always be connected. The Universal Connectivity blog ran an article that outlines the steps to business continuity. According to the blog, you should prioritize what functions must remain up and running during an emergency and use a hosted VoIP system to keep your lines of communication open. For more information on the ABC’s of business continuity, see the Universal Connectivity article.
  • Seventy-eight percent of organizations have deployed unified communications, according to a new study by Sonus Networks, Inc. In addition, a large percentage of organizations that have not yet deployed unified communications are planning to do so soon. According to the study, “Currently, 65 percent of Unified Communications deployments are premises-based, but that number is expected to decline to 31 percent as future deployments move more to the Cloud. Hybrid deployments are the preferred approach to Unified Communications in the future.” For more information on the “Enterprises Place 2013 Unified Communications Bets” study, see the TelecomEngine blog.
  • And finally … the cloud market is expected to reach $95B by 2015 as a growing number of SMBs adopt cloud services. A Parallels study revealed that 6 million SMBs entered the cloud market last year, using an average of four cloud services. By 2015, they will use an average of seven cloud services. For more information on SMB cloud usage, see TechCrunch.

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