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Canada’s IPv6 Adoption Rates Are Higher than the Global Average

Today is the World IPv6 Launch, or the day when the Internet Society hopes that major Internet service providers, websites and home networking equipment manufacturers will permanently enable IPv6 for their products and services.

Canadian IPv6 adoption rates have been consistently higher than the global average, which shows that Canada is taking the transition to the new Internet protocol seriously. A study by RIPE NCC revealed that 17.41% of Canadian networks have an IPv6 prefix, as compared to 13.62% of global networks (as of May 31, 2012).

However, Canadian ISPs are not caught up in the World IPv6 Launch fanfare. According to ITWorld Canada, only 43 Canadian web site operators are included in the World IPv6 Launch list of participants.

Last June, the Internet Society rallied over 1,000 websites to participate in World IPv6 Day – a global-scale trial of IPv6. This year, the Internet Society is asking businesses to permanently enable IPv6, as this will ensure that the Internet has room to grow and support the many ways that businesses and consumers prefer to share information.

Allstream has developed a number of IPv6 resources that will help you understand what IPv6 means for your business and can show you how to ease your transition to the new Internet protocol. You can also check out our suggestions on how to celebrate the World IPv6 Launch.

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