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Canadian IT Networks at Risk for Internet-Based Terrorist Attacks

Welcome to the Monday edition of the IP news roundup. Here are the latest headlines in network security, big data and cloud:

  • As Canadian cybersecurity spending rises, the RCMP warns that terrorists seek to target Canadian IT networks. The Calgary Herald quoted the latest RCMP annual review, which states, “Terrorist groups have expressed interest in developing the capabilities for computer-based attacks against Canada’s critical infrastructure.” To combat these threats, the government will increase its cybersecurity spending by another $155 million over the next five years. This is in addition to the $90 million pledged in 2010. The Calgary Herald article also suggests that although the government has taken the first steps in creating a national cybersecurity plan, many agencies need more modern tools to prevent attacks.
  • Don’t let big data overwhelm you. A Financial Times blog post advises that less is more when it comes to big data. According to the post, “Raw data are like raw sewage: toxic if not handled properly.” The post advises companies to “identify the information they hold and ensure it is consistent and comparable”. From there, they must know what they are looking for and why they are looking for it. Once they have this understanding, they can sort through mounds of data to get the information that will help them make the most valuable business decisions.
  • New York companies that use the cloud avoided the worst of Hurricane Sandy. TheNYConvergence blog profiled several companies that were able to maintain their operations throughout Hurricane Sandy – thanks in part to storing their data in the cloud. According to the article, “Employees of cloud-based companies are working remotely from hotels, residences and coffee shops, all in areas of the city and suburbs that were largely untouched by the storm.” While many companies that house data in New York’s flood-prone areas haven’t been as lucky, the companies whose servers are located remotely were better able to maintain their operations.
  • And finally … progressive SMBs are moving to the cloud. A new CloudTweaks infographic states that SMBs must adopt new technologies to level the playing field against larger companies and create new business opportunities. According to the infographic, 72% of mid-size businesses that are investing more in technology expect revenue increases this year. The infographic also states that progressive SMBs are using technologies such as cloud to gain market advantages and do more with their limited in-house resources.  

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