Canadians Could Face Legal Action for Downloading Pirated Content

Welcome to the Wednesday edition of the IP news roundup. Here are the latest headlines in telecommunications, big data, cloud, virtualization and network security:

  • TekSavvy has been asked to hand over the names of its customers who may have engaged in copyright infringement by downloading illegal content. Yahoo reported that this is the largest request of its kind in Canadian history and may include up to 2,000 IPs. The Yahoo article quoted Marc Gaudrault, CEO of TekSavvy, who said, “Currently, we have not received a court order, only a request for information and a motion for an order. This is unknown territory for Canadians. We have retained legal counsel to help us through the process and ascertain our rights and obligations as an ISP. If you are caught up in one of these actions, you may wish to seek legal advice respecting your own rights.” Click here for more information.
  • Costanoa Venture Capital makes big investment in big data. If you’ve been questioning the value of big data, consider this: Costanoa Venture Capital has created a $100 million fund to invest in big data and cloud startups. According to GigaOM, Costanoa is looking to fund “those building applications that apply proprietary aggregated data to a problem set.” For more information on funding for big data and cloud startups, see the GigaOM article.
  • Retailers are using virtualization to reduce costs and enhance employee productivity. A Cisco study revealed that retailers are using virtualization and BYOD to do everything from provide call centre support to coordinate shipping and receiving logistics. According to an article on RetailWire, “Respondents noted that the top three areas that will benefit most are business continuity, employee productivity, and IT costs. They also indicated that the top job roles being targeted for desktop virtualization are customer-facing employees, employees who handle sensitive company data, employees who work from home, and executives.”
  • Prepare for the top five network security challenges of 2013. According to, businesses should be prepared to face a number of network security risks in the upcoming year – from state-sponsored cyber espionage to the loss of control that is created by IT consumerization and the cloud. The article reported that businesses can go months – or even years – before state-sponsored attacks are detected. When it comes to the loss of network control, the article stated, “Organizations have to start demanding their network visibility back. There is no reason that new information technologies cannot be designed with the capability of providing security controls and audit trails to people who need them.”
  • And finally … here’s another 2013 technology prediction. Forrester Research predicts the convergence of cloud computing and mobile apps. According to an article on the CloudPro blog, “The analyst firm said that mobile apps that don’t call out through the internet to back-end services will diminish in value.” As this happens, IT teams will become more comfortable building apps in the cloud. For more predictions, see the CloudPro article.

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