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IPv6 vs IPv4

Transitioning to IPv6 Isn’t as Difficult as It Appears

Many businesses are talking about moving to the new addressing system, but no one wants to deal with downtime as a result. Check out a resource that can help offer some business continuity advice
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2012 Is the Summer of IPv6

Here’s a roundup of today’s hottest IP news from the Twitterverse: 1967 might have been the summer of love, but 2012 is the summer of IPv6! According to the CircleID blog, “This summer will have delighted IPv6 watchers as a growing number of sites allow them to witness the evolution of...
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Canada’s IPv6 Adoption Rates Are Higher than the Global Average

Today is the World IPv6 Launch, or the day when the Internet Society hopes that major Internet service providers, websites and home networking equipment manufacturers will permanently enable IPv6 for their products and services. Canadian IPv6 adoption rates have been consistently higher than...
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