Cisco 2013 Annual Security Report Reveals Latest Threats

The Cisco 2013 Annual Security Report revealed that the cloud will account for nearly two-thirds of global data centre traffic by 2016. However, this increase in cloud data is also leading to increased security concerns.  

According to the report, “This explosion in cloud traffic raises questions about the ability of enterprises to manage this information. In the cloud, the lines of control are blurred: Can an organization place safety nets around its cloud data when they don’t own and operate the data center? How can even basic security tools such as firewalls and antivirus software be applied when the network edge cannot be defined?”

The Cisco 2013 Annual Security Report also revealed:

  • About 74% of global organizations are now using big data to make business decisions.
  • Android malware grew 2,577% during 2012, making it the fastest growing form of web-delivered malware.
  • Online advertisements are 182 times more likely to deliver malicious content than pornographic sites.
  • Enterprises with 25,000 or more employees have 2.5 times the risk of encountering malware attacks, as compared to companies with less than 250 employees.

For more information on how trends such as the cloud, mobility and big data are impacting network security, download the Cisco 2013 Annual Security Report.


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