Cisco: This report shows Canada’s connectivity problem

The Council of Canadian Academies says we might be falling behind. One of the IT industry’s biggest vendors agrees

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Connected Canada

Earlier this week, Allstream president Mike Strople wrote about the need for Canada to lead the innovation journey with smart IT investments. Just a few days later, one of Allstream’s major partners pointed to research that underscores his point.

On the Cisco Canada blog, Rick Huijbregts draws attention to a report from the Council of Canadian Academies that underscores the importance of connectedness.

“Though the report acknowledges Canada has a well-connected society and is a global leader in ICT research and development, it also points out that many Canadian businesses still lag behind in ICT investment,” Huijbregts writes. “Similarly, the adoption rate of technologies among Canadian firms continues to be weak and the country does not rank high in terms of ICT penetration and diffusion among individuals.”

Read the full post to get more of Huijbregts’s thoughts on how Cisco and others in Canada can tackle this problem. And click here for the complete report, Ensuring Sustainability in a Connected World.



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