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Cloud Myths Versus Reality

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Today’s IP news roundup highlights some of the latest headlines in all things cloud:

  • Here’s what you can really expect from the cloud … The InfoWorld Cloud Computing blog ran “12 hard truths about cloud computing”. The author, Peter Wayner, tested various commercial clouds and came to the conclusion that “Anyone who’s been chugging the Kool-Aid and dreaming that the word ‘cloud’ is a synonym for ‘perfection’ or ‘pain-free’ is going to be sorely disappointed.”  

Based on his tests, Wayner believes that several of the hard truths center on costs. For example, while the core price for cloud services tends to be low, all of the necessary extras can add up. Another hard truth is that moving data to the cloud is not easy. Wayner states, “Getting your data into the distant racks in the cloud can be a substantial chore. If you’re loaded down with log files or big, big data sets, you could be spending a long time just moving the data where you need it to be.” For more hard truths about cloud services, see the InfoWorld article.

  • The cloud, social media and mobility are changing the way that we do business. However, Lane Bess, COO of Zscaler, believes that these trends will also lead to more advanced persistent threats. According to Computerworld, Bess stated, “Businesses should intercept this before it hits the corporate infrastructure to provide a level of security that’s beyond what most companies are providing today.” He also said that since many channel partners are still struggling to embrace the cloud, businesses should focus on working with channel partners that are willing to move to the cloud. For more information on how the cloud, mobile and social are impacting businesses, see the Computerworld article.  
  • The ReadWrite Cloud blog outlined four ways to overcome IT resistance to the cloud. The article recommended breaking down IT fiefdoms by sharing activities across traditional boundaries. For example, you can create “Tiger Teams: small cross-functional groups of skilled, respected and entrepreneurial-minded workers. They should be experienced enough to navigate their home departments to accomplish needed tasks, politically astute enough to marshal resources and enterprising enough to push projects to completion. And they need a strong sponsor who can provide political cover and help break through entrenched resistance.” For more advice on breaking down IT resistance to cloud, see the ReadWrite Cloud article.
  • And finally … iOS has the greatest share of the cloud market in the USAccording to a study by Strategy Analytics, 27% of US cloud users have used iTunes Match and/or iCloud. These iOS cloud services are followed by Dropbox (17%), Amazon Cloud Drive (15%) and Google Drive (10%).

What is your take on today’s news? Feel free to share your opinions below.

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