DDoS pain also comes with a price tag

In the second clip from our video series an executive from Arbor Networks explains the business implications that stem from distributed denial of service attacks

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How much will a distributed denial of service attack cost the average business? Better get your calculator out.

Allstream’s Craig Deveau recently sat down with Arbor Networks to discuss DDoS in detail, including what they are and, perhaps more importantly for IT departments, how to begin assessing the potential risks. According to Arbor Networks, the impact can be wide-ranging, particularly because the damage doesn’t just include downtime but the extent to which it can taint a company’s brand.

“Now their end customers are concerned: ‘Am I safe with you?'” he says, adding that even diagnosing the situation can add up quickly. “It can be very very costly just running around trying to find out what’s going on.”

For more, watch the full clip below.


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  1. DDos has been going on the decades and I agree, it can cause serious damage. I also think some groups or poeple are now able to bluff a DDoS attack, which itself cause labor outwork.

    DDoS Protection / 9 years ago