Discover How Convergence Can Help You Cut Costs and Be More Agile

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According to Frost & Sullivan, “[i]t is challenging for businesses to accomplish what is needed today with yesterday’s information and communications technology. To maximize agility and productivity in the current and future climates, businesses will require an integrated convergence of network, wireline and wireless access and applications.” That’s why Stratecast | Frost & Sullivan has published two white papers that explore the business benefits of converging your information and communications technologies.

“Technology Convergence and Information Velocity: The Engines for Business Agility and Workforce Productivity” explores how convergence can help you streamline your communications so you can better communicate with your colleagues, partners and customers.

“Simplification Through Convergence: Reducing Cost and Complexities” is an ideal read if you’re trying to convince your company to move forward with convergence and need to demonstrate how it will reduce your costs.

Click here to download the white papers.


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