Do You Have What It Takes to Be a CIO?

CIO image

ITWorld teamed up with the CIO Executive Council to determine what makes the ideal CIO. Today’s CIO must not only have solid industry experience and knowledge, but also be a master of networking and relationship building.

According to the article, “The CIO, among his many responsibilities, works with internal groups–including developers, support techs, senior management, database administrators, project managers and every department head–and external vendors. Being able to communicate, articulate and influence people is a necessary skill.”

The article also states, “Many times CIOs are walking around with a “bulls-eye” on their backs. When something technical goes wrong–whether it’s the CIO’s fault or not- it’s important that people like you or, at the very least, have no reason to “get even” with you when something bad happens. For more advice, see “6 skills, habits and traits of successful CIOs”.


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