Employees Who Use Tablets for Work Gain 1.1 Hours of Productivity per Day

Today’s IP news roundup highlights some of the latest headlines in mobility, BYOD, cloud and more:

  • The CDW Tablet Poll revealed that tablets are becoming standard-issue equipment, as 34% of respondents use a company-issued device. However, 59% bring their own tablets to work. According to the poll, employees spend 2.1 hours per day using tablets for work and gain 1.1 hours of productivity per day thanks to these devices. Employees mainly use tablets for email and web browsing – although tablets also help them with file sharing and using Office/productivity suites. For more information on enterprise tablet usage, see the CDW Tablet Poll.
  • Hackers can breach SIM cards to steal data. According to Computerworld, researchers from Security Research Labs have figured out how to “send a secret text message that contains a ‘virus’ to a mobile phone’s SIM card, and then basically get ‘root’ and take over the phone.” Once they gain remote access, they can make purchases through the phone, eavesdrop on calls and steal data from the SIM card. The researchers estimate that as many as 750 million phones are vulnerable to these types of attacks. For more information on rooting SIM cards, see Computerworld.
  • Study reveals almost 60% of companies have no BYOD policy in place. The 2013 Data Protection Trends Research survey from Acronis and the Ponemon Institute revealed that among those with BYOD policies “24 percent make exceptions for executives, who may handle even more sensitive data. As a result, these organizations are increasingly vulnerable to data loss and serious compliance issues.” Meanwhile, 80% of respondents have not educated employees on BYOD privacy risks, and only 31% make it mandatory for devices to be protected by a password or key lock. For more information, see the 2013 Data Protection Trends Research press release.
  • Cloud computing adoption rates jump from 60% in 2012 to 70% this year. According to Network Instrument’s State of the Network Global Study, respondents expect to run half their applications in the cloud within the next year. The top applications they run in the cloud are email, web hosting, storage, and testing and development. Meanwhile, 80% of respondents are concerned about data security in the cloud while compliance and monitoring the user experience are other top cloud management concerns. For more information, see the State of the Network Global Study press release and infographic.
  • And finally … Pros Big Data Software has created an infographic about the three V’s of big data – volume, variety and velocity. The infographic revealed that in one day 2,500,000,000,000,000,000 bytes of data are created in the digital universe. The infographic offers tips on how to use big data to make all this information useful. For more information, see “The Big V’s of Big Data” infographic.

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