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Increased acceptance of Hadoop is one of the top reasons why more businesses are adopting big data. A slide show by states that many traditional enterprises, such as retailers and banks, are now running their business applications on Hadoop.

Hadoop integrations are also on the rise, as all of the major IT providers now have Hadoop options. This allows businesses to integrate big data with their existing database management systems.

Here are some other reasons why big data adoption rates are increasing:

  • Other analytics platforms are also making it possible for businesses to take advantage of big data. In addition to Hadoop, businesses can use petabyte-scale systems with high-velocity data creation. These systems can be run on low-cost commodity hardware, which makes big data a feasible option for many businesses.  
  • Businesses are finding value in raw data. Big data provides businesses with detailed raw data. According to, “Before these technologies existed, IT managers would aggregate and roll up data to give users access for query and analysis. Now, the data analysts can have all the data they want to uncover real business truths.”  
  • Big data can eliminate offline tape storage. Although more than half of all enterprises currently use offline tape storage, this backup method can be risky. Big data eliminates the need to back up critical business information to tape.  

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