expertIP one year later: A thank-you note

Our online community has grown a lot in the last 12 months. We’d like to offer our gratitude to the Canadian IT community as we celebrate our achievements so far, and talk about where we’re headed next

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Lots of companies will say what they do is innovative, groundbreaking and unlike anything else in the marketplace. Most of them are lying.

As we celebrate its first anniversary this month, however, we feel we can say with some degree of credibility that what Allstream created in expertIP broke the content marketing mould in 2012, and, thanks to a supportive audience, we’re poised to do even better in the year ahead.

Through our analysis of IT industry news and trends, expertIP set out to help its members make strategic and successful use of technology. Our opinion columns, resource reviews and events coverage capture the best practices around IP network services as they emerge and provide a forum for shaping the future of business communications in Canada.

A lot has happened since May 2012:

  • More than 500 posts in one year. expertIP is more productive than most online magazines. We publish new feature content every business day, with daily news roundups and resource reviews updated multiple times each week.
  • Close to 100 contributors, internal and external. We’re not just a corporate blog but a true online community. We’ve featured scores of Allstream subject matter experts, but also executives from Allstream customers, industry associations and analysts from IDC and Forrester have all contributed their ideas and advice to our audience.
  • A brand that’s noticed and appreciated: expertIP generates scores of shares across LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and elsewhere. The expertIP name has been mentioned on CBC, CTV and BNN, and our content promoted by the Canadian Cloud Computing Council and other high-profile organizations.

We’re building on our early success by taking content marketing – editorial-style content that’s produced by a company, rather than a traditional newspaper or magazine – to the logical next level. Just as Allstream has been long valued by organizations in major vertical markets like financial services, the public sector, retail and so on, expertIP content is starting to hone in not just on broad IT topics but how they manifest themselves in specific industries. Search “financial services unified communciations” on Google today and there’s not much that comes up outside of a few white papers and some brochures. We have a unique opportunity to provide the kind of answers Canadian IT departments are looking for, but delivered in a more personal tone that doesn’t try to sell them so much as educate and advise them. Most importantly, we’re helping Allstream, and the local IT community tell the story of business transformation through communications technology as it happens, and why it matters. 

Thank you to everyone who has been reading, commenting, sharing or contributing to expertIP so far.

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