Global IT Leaders Reveal ROI of Virtualization

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ITWeb recently interviewed global IT leaders about how they are benefiting from virtualization, particularly which areas of their businesses are achieving the most savings from this technology. According to the experts, the greatest benefits are in the areas of disaster recovery, consolidation and agility.

“Firstly, it’s saved companies time to deploy. There’s no waiting for delivery of servers anymore,” said Richard Vester, director of cloud services at EOH. “The second [area] is around cost. Being able to share resources across infrastructure and across workloads saves corporations money too. And the last [area] is in service levels. Service levels accrue costs, but because the uptime is so much greater and deployment is much broader, it saves money.”

“The space in which we saw large savings for virtualisation was disaster recovery,” says Pieter van der Merwe, availability solutions architect at Stratus. “This is in the top end of the data centre, where the high-value business applications sit and where disaster recovery is an absolute requirement. Virtualization made DR much more affordable and easy to implement.”

Although many of the experts have been able to measure the ROI of virtualization, others feel that not every organization can properly calculate its savings.

“There is a correlation between the sophistication of the IT shop and what projects are driven and what benefits accrue from them,” says Jacques Malherbe, CEO of Westcon. “The SME and mid-markets tend to reconsume resources saved by virtualization, so you don’t see the savings directly in the clean ROI calculations.”

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