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GoDaddy Outage Caused by Network Problems, Not Hackers

Here’s a roundup of today’s IP news:

  • reported that the six-hour GoDaddy outage that took millions of websites off-line on Monday was caused by network problems, not a cyberattack. eWeek quoted a note from GoDaddy’s interim CEO, Scott Wagner, which stated that the issue has been resolved and that “at no time was any customer data at risk or were any of our systems compromised.”
  • How can you build a reliable, high-performance network that supports your IP infrastructure? According to an InfoWorld article, an IP network may be less expensive than a fibre channel, but it can also be more difficult to configure. This means that businesses must not rush into deploying virtualization and IP storage. One point that the article makes is to “separate the storage devices and interfaces that communicate with them from the rest of the network. This prevents problems that might impact the rest of the network (broadcast storms, for instance) from impacting server access to shared storage. It also prevents the network at large from ‘seeing’ the storage – adding an extra layer of security.” For more tips on how to optimize your IP network, visit InfoWorld’s website.
  • One of the biggest drivers of convergence is … Hollywood? According to an article on, Hollywood directors, actors and writers are paving the way for increased adoption of video convergence technologies. As they seek cost-effective ways to get their content out to a large audience, they are bypassing the traditional studio model in favour of Internet video. The article states, “These artists are using smaller budgets to create unique content in larger quantities, and taking it directly to consumers through the Internet. From there, viewers consume content on a variety of distribution platforms (YouTube, Vimeo, branded microsites, etc.) on myriad devices, and share/redistribute the content through social media. If that sounds a lot like video convergence, that’s because it is; it’s just not how we imagined we’d get there.”
  • Are you trying to build a business case for cloud computing? A recent article on lists “18 Solid Justifications for Cloud Computing – and 10 Situations Where It Doesn’t Work.” Examples of where cloud works include communications such as email, video and collaboration. However, cloud may not be the best choice for classic legacy, as “The cost of migration is high, and the effort to migrate [legacy] code to newer scale-out architectures and modern programming paradigms just may not be worth it.”
  • And finally, here’s a little mobile humour from GoComics. Hopefully, this Real Life Adventure comic doesn’t make you feel too old –
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