GOOOOOAL: To ensure your network survives World Cup 2014

Forget about Brazil vs. Cameroon or Italy vs. Costa Rica: It’s IT departments vs. bandwidth-hungry users!

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World Cup 2014 bandwidth technology

Assuming anyone can take their eyes away from the actual games, including those working IT departments, this might be a good time to remember that FIFA World Cup 2014 brings some technology challenges along with all the thrills.

This clip from a Web monitoring software provider does a good job at getting at the top three concerns: bandwidth overload, malware and employee productivity:

Is your network ready for the World Cup

By the same token, though, the World Cup is also a good opportunity to show why certain other IT investments are valuable, like an converged IP network that’s ready for anything, the reassurance of managed security services, or unified communication tools that let employees multitask and collaborate more effectively. Or at least, more effectively than yelling at them through a vuvuzela.

BTW: Did the IT guy in the video have to look like such an overwhelmed dweeb?


photo credit: fensterbme via photopin cc

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