Here’s the statistical likelihood of getting fired for network downtime

Avaya conducts a survey of mid-market businesses that shows core errors can be a seriously career-limiting move

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No one likes it when the network goes down, but should it really be grounds for dismissal?

Based on a recent survey from Avaya, the answer is increasingly “yes.” The company spoke with more than 200 mid-market organizations where the average cost of downtime was $140,000, or more than the average salary of an IT employee. That could explain why one in five said they fired someone over network downtime. There’s more:

The survey of mid-to-large companies in the United States, Canada, and United Kingdom found that 82% of those surveyed experienced some type of network downtime caused by IT personnel making errors when configuring changes to the core of the network. In fact, the survey found that one-fifth of all network downtime in 2013 was caused by core errors.  More troubling is the fact that 80% of companies experiencing downtime from core errors in 2013 lost revenue, with the average company losing $140,003 per incident. The financial sector lost an average of $540,358 per incident.

If this doesn’t reinforce the importance of working with partners (ahem, ahem) that offer a strong reliable network, nothing will.

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