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History’s most notorious hackers

From phone phreaks to credit card sniffers, hacking has come a long way

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From phone phreaking with cereal box whistles to make free long distance phone calls to stealing credit card numbers and making millions in fraudulent purchases, hacking has certainly come a long way – both in technology and in motive.

This week we look at some of history’s most notorious hackers, and the fate they met when the law caught up with their illegal activities.


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  1. Notable missing poeple from this list include Adrian Lamo, if not just for exposing the Wikileaks source Pvt Bradkey Manning. Also Matthew Bevan and Richard Pryce for almost starting a War by Hacking into NK

    GMac / 9 years ago
  2. Reading articles like this are interesting. However the term HACKER has been given such a negative name by the media. The term Hacker was used to represent the “good guys” in the world of technology; and Cracker were the “bad guys”. This has changed in definition now we have White Hat and Black Hat Hackers. A Cracker now is someone who tests software/systems trying to break them before deployment. A Phreaker or Phone Phreak was a Black Hat that usually only worked on breaking and manipulating the phone carrier system.
    So if you are a person who wants to know how some piece of technology works (down to the component level software or otherwise) you are a Hacker by definition.

    Nathan / 9 years ago