How a hosted call centre maintains 24/7 availability

Telax doesn’t use its own PBX equipment, which means reliability is a must. Its president talks about what the organization did to ensure its network was prepared for a long-term growth strategy

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Telax provides call centre services, but we have an intrinsically different model than the traditional environment. Traditionally, a company that needs a call centre would buy the PBX equipment and run it from their own facilities. We’ve changed this model by offering this solution on a hosted basis. That way, companies are only charged for the number of seats their call centre uses.

Fortunately, this model has been very successful. Companies are coming to understand that this is a more efficient way to run a call centre, by taking it into the cloud. As a result, we’ve attracted some very large customers in the government, healthcare and financial services sectors. The thing is, organizations of this size require 24/7 availability and stability.

To meet our customers’ needs, we needed a provider that understands what reliability means for large organizations. For us, it was about moving to a true Tier 1 infrastructure that would allow us to provide our customers with a very high level of network quality. Also, we needed additional network reach so we could provide service to customers across Canada.

Since moving to an MPLS backbone and implementing advanced SIP trunking, we’ve increased business by roughly 50%, partly because we now have truly national coverage. We can provide customers with a local number and portability, which improves our customer service. And because we’ve been able to converge our technology platforms, which reduced physical infrastructure, heating and electricity requirements, we haven’t had to raise prices, even though our services keep getting better.

We’re now positioned to acquire any scope of business as a result of this network—and SIP trunking has been a key enabler of our growth. We see it as a platform through which we can offer new functionality, new features and new capabilities that we didn’t even envision before.

Download the complete case study on Telax or dive deeper into SIP trunking by watching an on-demand Webinar, SIP Trunking: Take Your UC Strategy To the Next Level, featuring Bykowy and an Allstream customer Thomson Tremblay.

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