How to Spot Security Threats Before Your Network Is Compromised

[White Paper] Protect Your Business – 10 Steps to Early Incident Detection

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Tripwire Whitepaper

According to a recent white paper by Tripwire, security breaches are as inevitable as taxes. However, 97 percent of breaches are avoidable through simple or intermediate controls. The white paper outlines 10 steps that businesses can take to spot security threats early and protect their networks from attacks. Examples of these steps include:

  • Understanding your business and being aware of non-technical activities, such as major announcements and media coverage, that can prompt an attack.
  • Segment your network into different sections, depending on their function. This will allow you to better monitor your network and quickly spot unusual traffic.
  • Train your employees to spot and report phishing emails and other potential threats.

The white paper also includes a handy checklist that will allow you to quickly reference these 10 steps.


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