Introducing Allstream’s Cloud Connect service for AWS

Improve speed, reliability and security with a dedicated connection to AWS cloud apps and infrastructure, along with the signature Allstream commitment to customer care.

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Allstream Cloud Connect

The adoption of cloud services and infrastructure has been steadily increasing for the past decade or more, but the last year saw a pandemic-driven spike.

In a study conducted by IDG just before the pandemic, 59 per cent of enterprise tech buyers planned to be “mostly” or “all” in the cloud within 18 months. This spike has continued in 2021, leading Gartner to predict a 23 per cent increase in public cloud spending for the year.

Yet as valuable as the Great Cloud Migration has been, the rapid acceleration in adoption over the past couple of years has revealed some significant challenges. For example, cyberattacks targeted toward the cloud increased dramatically in 2020, and those attacks, in part, uncovered a significant gap in cybersecurity talent.

A direct connection to a cloud service provider can be a valuable tool in the IT toolbox that allows an enterprise to avoid the public Internet to transport critical business data. Allstream now offers a direct connection to AWS to help companies get the most from their AWS cloud services.

Allstream’s Cloud Connect for AWS

Allstream’s Cloud Connect for AWS service brings the cloud to the enterprise with a dedicated connection to AWS cloud apps and infrastructure. With Cloud Connect, companies can improve connection speed, reliability and security; current Allstream customers can add Cloud Connect to existing network services to streamline billing and maintenance without adding complexity.

With Allstream’s Cloud Connect for AWS, businesses get:

  • Better performance: Available at speeds of 1 to 10 Gbps, the direct connection to AWS offers better speed than most public connections. And because the connection is dedicated, companies can avoid the congestion common to other shared connections or on public Internet. Even transmitting large, detailed files is seamless and quick.
  • Enhanced security: The direct, private connection adds another layer of security to measures already in play on either side of the connection. With Cloud Connect, organizations can transmit private data without exposing it to threats from public Internet.
  • Improved business continuity: Stay connected even in the midst of network events. Built-in core redundancies and automatic failovers mean that companies never have to worry about downtime.
  • Greater control over the network: Quality of Service (QoS) options allow better network control and service prioritization.

Allstream’s Cloud Connect service offers significant advantages for organizations from retail to healthcare to manufacturing.

  • Retail: With better data and order capture, online retail outlets can streamline fulfillment and customize offers. Built-in redundancies and automatic failovers keep customers shopping online—even if the storefront is closed.
  • Healthcare: Improve the patient experience with faster, consistent access to patient data, and transfer large, uncompressed medical files in seconds—all while maintaining privacy across the dedicated connection.
  • Software development: Keep intellectual property private across the Cloud Connect direct connection, and improve developer and beta tester access to tools, apps and cloud services.
  • Public sector: Leverage cloud resources such as data storage with a consistent, reliable connection. Keep critical public services up and running with redundancies and automatic failovers built in.
  • Manufacturing: Reliability and security support just-in-time supply management and 24×7 operations. And with speeds up to 10 Gbps, companies can transfer large amounts of data quickly without sacrificing detail or integrity.

Cloud Connect for AWS includes the signature Allstream commitment to customer care and access to Allstream staff and a secure portal. As an AWS Certified Delivery Partner, Allstream is committed to maintaining high service delivery standards that keep customers connected.

In coming months, Allstream plans to expand the Cloud Connect service to other providers, such as Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform. Future product expansion will allow for shared connections and additional connectivity options to provide customers with the flexibility, scalability and speed to meet the demands of the modern business.

As companies continue to move more and more apps and services to the cloud, maintaining a consistent, reliable and private connection will become imperative to business operations. Allstream’s Cloud Connect service offers the right way to stay connected and improve operations.

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