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IT Managers Seek Employees with Cloud, Business Intelligence and Mobile Experience

Welcome to the Monday edition of the IP news roundup. Here are the latest headlines in big data, unified communications and more:

  • The IDG News Service reported that this year’s most in-demand IT skills include cloud computing, mobile technology and business intelligence. According to a Computerworld article, specific skills include the ability to develop apps for both iOS and Android, as well as the ability to integrate cloud and mobile technologies with other technologies. However, “cloud computing jobs for on-site infrastructure support and software management are likely to be increasingly handled by service providers. And software developers should take note that while there will be ample programming positions open this year, companies increasingly want business-savvy developers.” For more information on 2013 IT hiring trends, see the Computerworld article.
  • As big data moves from the tech industry to consumer-focused sectors such as retail and health care, organizations must work harder to gain customer trust when collecting personal data. A Mashable article speaks to the importance of not only protecting customer data but also using a policy called Reputation by Design to gain customer trust. Organizations can use Reputation by Design to “present customers with a clear and compelling reason for their collection or use of personal data.” In addition, organizations should take steps “to prepare for a day when they may have to address problems in a transparent manner.”
  • Network World predicts that this is the year when mobile carriers will start to offer native VoIP on a large scale. According to Network World, this will “displace mass market, legacy mobile voice infrastructures”. Meanwhile, the demand for mobile video calling and conferences will increase this year. For more 2013 mobile and unified communications predictions, see the Network World article.
  • Unified cloud communications comes with both risks and rewards. A article explored how cloud-based unified communications is still adapting. According to the article, “Unified communications can provide an excellent boost to a company’s collaboration and efficiency, as long as it’s put to use. It’s not enough to simply have the services at your disposal, they have to be put to use as well.” The article also warns of the security risks that come from using cloud services and adopting BYOD. It advises using Enterprising Session Border Controllers to prevent attacks and improve your quality of service.IPT and SIP Trunking Slowly Gaining Ground Legacy access technologies still dominate, according to Frost & Sullivan’s CXO Study, but IP communications are growing.
  • And finally … your CMO may spend more on technology than your CIO does. Today’s CRM platforms are evolving to automate more external interactions with customers and prospects. According to ZDNet, “The expansion of CRM beyond the confines of the enterprise means that today it encompasses digital and social marketing, website management and mobile apps. It has to join up across sales interactions, service calls, invoice queries and warranty claims. It has to collect and act upon a bevy of external social media and information resources. It must deliver a great customer experience across multiple direct and indirect touchpoints.” These changing marketing needs have led Gartner to state that the typical CMO will soon spend more on IT than the CIO does. For more information on how marketing is using CRM technology, see the ZDNet article.

What is your take on today’s news? Feel free to share your opinions below.

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