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IT Must Support Mobile, Cloud and Big Data

Welcome to the Monday edition of the IP news roundup. Here are the latest headlines in big data, business continuity, cloud and more:

  • The personal cloud will replace the PC … and other IT predictions. The Indian Express recently interviewed Cynthia Stoddard, senior vice-president and CIO of NetApp, about the latest technology trends. According to Stoddard, mobile, cloud and big data are the key trends, and the personal cloud will soon replace the PC. When it comes to IT’s role in supporting these technologies, IT first must “maintain the stability and predictability of services. Two, it needs to give flexibility, where one can swap a component or two, in and out or add a matching resource, without affecting the functionality. Managing the diversity and the mobile device management will determine the key technology player.” For more insights from Stoddard, see the Indian Express article.
  • If you’re struggling to convince die-hard legacy users to switch to unified communications (UC), the Unified Communications Strategies blog may help. The blog ran an article outlining a three-step strategy you can use to overcome resistance to change. The article suggested implementing a UC pilot program; “however, to be successful you need to ensure that the pilot users are representative of your deployment group and that they actually use the new UC features. Taking away legacy tools (e.g. the “old” phone) during a UC pilot is a good idea, if possible. Otherwise your pilot risks simply becoming a demo.” For more tips on overcoming UC resistance, see the Unified Communications Strategies blog.    
  • Business continuity in four steps. Datacom’s Tech Knowledge Blog stated, “Without a BCP in place, you might have the right disaster recovery technology to be able to access critical systems and data, but not a plan for actually activating the human element needed to see it through.” When it comes to creating a business continuity plan, the blog suggests making a list of key personnel, assigning them duties and ensuring that they have proper communications tools to carry out your plan. It also suggests making “a list of all processes and functions that must be covered in your business continuity plan, including step-by-step directions to complete tasks. More than likely, you’ll notice how many processes or functions have no back-ups. Create a cross-training schedule for the BCP to mitigate this risk.” For more business continuity success steps, see the Datacom article.
  • And finally … it’s not Halloween, but a SmartData Collective article shared some scary facts about big data. For example, what you post on social media sites may impact your credit rating. The article quoted Douglas Merrill, Google’s former chief information officer and the founder of ZestFinance, as saying, “We feel like all data is credit data, we just don’t know how to use it yet.”

Meanwhile, the surveillance imaging system, ARGUS-IS, can take a snapshot of an area the size of a mid-size city. Then authorities can zoom in on a specific area and see in real time everything that is going on. For more scary big data uses, see the SmartData Collective article.

What is your take on today’s news? Feel free to share your opinions below.

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