Manage these three IT issues and you can do anything

A Forrester Research analyst helps define the near-term opportunities and challenges for technology executives. Watch the sneak peek at our upcoming Webinar

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Brownlee Thomas knows exactly what IT departments are up against, and she captures it pretty much perfectly in less than a minute.

The clip below is a teaser of sorts for a Webinar Allstream will be hosting on Jan 22 about what the company is calling the “converging forces” of collaboration, mobility and virtualization. Along with Brownlee, a senior analyst at Forrester Research, a panel of Allstream experts will be discussing everything from BYOD to cloud computing and beyond.

Watch Brownlee describe the near-term challenges and opportunities for Canadian technology professionals below.

Get a jump on your IT strategy for the new year by registering for our Jan 22 Webinar, ‘The Perfect IT Storm: Collaboration, Virtualization and Mobility,’ featuring Forrester Research and senior executives from Allstream.

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