Morewave Grows Nationally Using MPLS and SIP Trunking: A Case Study

Morewave Communication is a Vancouver-based Internet and phone service company that has doubled its footprint over the last 18 months.

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The Challenge: Delivering Internet and Phone Services to Areas That Are Hard to Connect

Morewave delivers end-to-end prepackaged solutions that allow commercial businesses to convergence their voice, data and multimedia. The company built its name by providing lower cost, high-value services to business parks and other areas that were previously only served by higher priced incumbent phone companies.

And that’s no easy task – especially given the (literal) peaks and valleys that come with doing business in the Vancouver area. Telecommunications companies use line-of-sight microwave transmitters to move data, and Vancouver’s hills and mountains made connecting some of their clients a challenge.

The Solution: A Reliable and National Network

To increase their competitive edge, Morewave partnered with Allstream. Using Allstream’s coast-to-coast fibre optic network, Morewave can enhance its reliability and serve customers nationally.

“We have high speed bandwidth, T1 voice circuits, an MPLS network and IP trunking with Allstream, which helps us to maintain and increase our customer base,” says Anwar Abboud, president, Morewave. “This also helps us compete against the bigger companies in our market, as Allstream gives us services at a competitive rate which allows us to undercut our competition’s prices by 30% to 40%.”

In fact, Abboud suspects this way of doing business is becoming a trend.

“Some bigger communications companies are pulling out of the end user market and handing it to companies like ours who deal directly with customers, know the technology and can grow the larger companies’ networks,” he says.

The Results: MPLS Fuels Morewave’s Expansion

MPLS and SIP trunking solutions have been key to Morewave’s success, as these technologies allow the company to deliver integrated voice and data solutions to clients who have offices in several cities.

The result for the client is that even if their branch offices are thousands of miles away from each other, they can transfer calls and share data as easily as if they were all in the same location.

“Let’s say a customer has six phone lines in Calgary, five lines in Edmonton and three in Vancouver. We give them a centralized MPLS-based network, so they can call extension to extension between cities and transfer calls,” says Abboud. “This simplifies communications. They are on one network at multiple locations, with one bill – and at half the price of what the competition sells this service for.”

Morewave also offers hosted services that Abboud says are “on the cutting edge of technology.”

“We offer customers a hosted phone system with no capital spending requirements and no hardware to buy,” he explains. “We put them on our hosted platform, and all they have to do is buy the phone – top notch phones on an IP platform – and pay a monthly fee for maintenance and updates.”

This allows Morewave’s customers to operate above their weight without making significant capital expenditures.

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