Is network administration really a ‘middle skill’ job?

Research From Harvard Business Review and Accenture suggests certain IT jobs are becoming near-impossible to fill

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Battling bandwidth demands, fending off DDoS attacks and helping enable unified communications would be considered pretty advanced stuff for most people but a recent study described network admin as possessing “middle skills” that many companies can’t find.

A story on Business Insider discusses the research, which was conducted by Harvard Business School along with consulting firm Accenture and Burning Glass, a recruitment company. It says more than a quarter of U.S. firms can’t find the network admin skills they need, despite offering a good salary in many cases.

“I’m quite optimistic, and the reason I am is going to sound perverse,” Joe Fuller, an HBS lecturer told the site. “There’s a real understanding that what’s happening in the labor market is not good for the country. We’ve got to try something new.”

Are Canadians struggling with network admin duties to the same extent. Either way, the full study is worth a read. Here’s hoping more people become network admins because they really enjoy it — not because the job market has simply become too much to take.


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