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Network Security Revenue Grew 10% in 2012

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Today’s IP news roundup highlights some of the latest headlines in network security, big data, mobility and more:

  • Infonetics Research revealed that network security appliance and software revenue grew 10% in 2012 to reach $6.3 billion. According to the Network Security Appliances and Software report, high-end appliances are driving much of this growth. Meanwhile, the Content Security Gateway Appliances, Software, and SaaS report revealed that “following several quarters of declines, global content security gateway revenue (appliances and software) grew 4% in 4Q12, to $748 million.” Click here for more highlights from these security reports 
  • How much data do you need for big data? An InformationWeek Software blog article outlined the differences between big data and traditional data warehousing. According to the article, traditional data warehousing might be the best option if most of your data is structured or transactional. However, you might want to consider big data if you have “varied information that’s non-structured by nature, such as text files or social media streams from Twitter … information that traditional databases typically can’t manage.” For more information on big data versus traditional data warehousing, see the InformationWeek Software article.
  • Almost half (42%) of technology leaders are investing in big data. ZDNet ran highlights from a Gartner study, which stated that many big data pilots from 2012 will go into production this year. According to the article, “Many projects are revolving around revenue and business opportunities that can’t be solved via traditional data sources.” For more highlights from the Gartner study, along with additional big data resources, see the ZDNet article.   
  • Studies are proving what anyone who is permanently attached to his or her smartphone already knows — that mobility is vital to our lives and businesses. The ITworld blog cited two recent studies that support these findings. A Symantec study revealed that the most innovative businesses are making mobility a priority, and a study by Wakefield Research for Citrix stated that most smartphone users stay attached to their devices. For more ways that mobility is shaping our lives and businesses, see the ITworld article.  
  • And finally … ZDNet pleads with cloud providers to use better “on hold” music on their tech support lines. The author stated that he recently spent about an hour on hold for support and the “hold music (especially at the tech support level) is essentially static (very loud static) backed by an unrecognizable tune … In my more paranoid on-hold moments, I sometimes suspect they’re doing it on purpose — just to get us to hang up and go away.” If you’d like to read more about the sorry state of cloud on-hold music, see the ZDNet article.

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